Sam Browne Belt Pictures

North American Sam Browne Belt Pictures:

US Sam browne belt picture

US WW1 Officers

Sam Browne Belt Pictures

Marian McGovern

Marian McGovern

cmp uniform

Canadian RCMP

RCMP Barbie

RCMP Barbie doll


European Sam Browne Belt Pictures:

mussolini sam browne


sally browne belt

Polish female cadets

sam browne belt uniform

Finnish General Osterman

SS belt uniform

SS uniform

german army sam browne

modern German army


sam browne sally brownepink sally browne belt



British & Other Sam Browne Uniforms:

te lawrence uniform

TE Lawrence of Arabia

woman sam browne belt picture

Sam Browne Belt Pictures

Australian female soldier

british sam brown belt


Originally designed to support the weight of a sword, the Sam Browne Belt is moved past this purpose. The Belt now has one purpose, to look distinctive.
The broad horizontal belt tapers the body and gives a tailored look. The diagonal strap adds the distinctive part. Its rarity and differentness stands out, and adds a martial look. This strap also tapers the chest, making clothes more form fitting.

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