Sally Browne Belt

Women have always worn the Sam Brown Belt as part of uniforms. As law enforcement, soldiers and nurses. Sometimes called a Sally Browne Belt when worn by women. During the interwar years, it became fashionable in its own right. Today the Sally Browne is making a comeback, as the Heldin Belt. sam browne sally browne

Sally Browne Belt – Different

The Sally Browne Belt is unique and stands out from the crowd of fashion accessories. Many women already have belts, purses and other fashion accessories. Usually multiple items of each! However, few women can claim the Sally Browne Belt.

A unique fashion accessory that accentuates the female figure. This “Cross Body Belt” goes even further, adding a boldness that can even be controversial.

Sally Browne – Designed

Most Sam Browne uniform Belts are not designed for the female body. Service women who wear these uniforms usually have complaints to tell. The weight of duty items also adds to this discomfort. A few have been designed to help female police officers wear their duty belt more comfortably. A new fashion company is taking this to the next level.

Heldin Belt has designed fashion belts for women, using the classic Sam Browne. The updated and stylish design is turning heads. Importantly, it is designed only with the female body in mind. Lightweight and comfortable, it puts the Sally in Sally Browne.Sally Browne Belt

The CrossBody Belt

Women’s fashion belts can add curves, increase style and draw the eye. Easily turning an ordinary outfit into a fashionable ensemble worthy of the runway.
The Sally Browne Belt goes further. It adds history and uniqueness that’s unmistakable. It’s said that ordinary belts are 2 dimensional. However, the Sally Browne is a 3 dimensional curve adding style machine. When used purely in a fashion context, it’s sometimes called a Cross Body Belt.

A Controversial Belt?

This new (or maybe old) fashion trend took many by surprise. Some associate it with the militarism of the interwar years. At that time, when women started wearing it there was some controversy. Eleanor Roosevelt spoke out against American women wearing it and the ‘Sam Browne Belt Complex’.

Since women have broken many glass ceilings and glass walls, taking over the Sam Browne shouldn’t really surprise. The Sally Browne Belt has come to symbolize women’s equal and confident place in the world.

Sally Browne Belt


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